Plastic & Digital

Offer both plastic and digital, customers can redeem on their mobile phones.


Multiple Addresses

Multiple ShipTo Addresses can be selected in the same transaction.

Balance Check Online

Balance Check Online

Customers can check Gift Card Balance and Transaction History online through your website.

Gift Cards = Instant Cash for you!

When a customer purchases a Gift Card, you get cash immediately.
But, your customer uses it over time.

More Visits. More Customers.

Repeat Visits

Customers typically don't spend the full value of the Gift Card at one time, they do it over a few visits. Most often, they end up spending more than the actual value of the Gift Card.


When Gift Cards are sold at discounted prices, more customers buy them.


Unlimited Load and Redemption

BistroUX allows you to load and redeem the same Gift Card unlimited number of times. Our advanced technology keeps track of the history, your customers can even check the balance and transaction history online - how cool is that?

Check Balance Online

Customers can check their Gift Card Balance online on YOUR website.

NO More Card Processing Fees

Are you tired of paying credit card processing fees for every transaction? With BistroUX Gift Card system, you pay a minimal monthly fee, but no other transaction fees. You or your patrons can use it as many times as you want.

Anytime. Anywhere.

Customers can buy your Gift Cards online, anytime and anywhere - they don't have to wait for your restaurant to open